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08 November 2022

Poster of Street Stories Event

Street Stories Event – Birds, Fish & Donkeys

The event Street Stories, hosted by The Mosaic Justice Network,  was attended by an array of people representing many of our Manchester communities to listen to and discuss ways in which we can challenge the current status quo of wealth inequality and social economics.

We listened to the stories of three people, including our very own Matt Wilson, sharing their involvement at creating change, what started them on their paths and the impact that their endeavours make to those around them.

Monique Kufour – Founder of BOBExpo

Shared with us how their personal trouble resourcing products and services for themselves led to them building a business model that has become the UK’s largest Business Expo showcasing black owned business. Feeling compelled to meet the needs of her community, Monique and BOBExpo have helped over 300 small black owned businesses to make their mark and go from unknown and unsupported to connected and growing businesses.  BOBExpo has evolved to become an incredible one stop hub for connecting Black Owned businesses with the support, resources, advice and exposure they need to overcome the unique barriers they often face.  To find out more and the work they do, visit

Matt Parfitt – CEO of Grace Enterprises

Matt was a teacher, his wife a GP, however,  when he felt called to meet the needs of those most marginalised in his community, he never anticipated that the both of them would be leading the way with a new empowering way to engage employment for those experiencing the most significant barriers to work. Grace Enterprises creates supportive, Living Wage jobs for people who include ex-offenders, ex-homeless, ex-addicts, those who have suffered domestic abuse and those with physical and mental health challenges.

Radiant Cleaners, first vehicle for change, has become a multi award-winning and pioneering Social Enterprise cleaning company. Understanding however, that cleaning is not the answer for everyone, Grace Enterprises has the vision to create multiple businesses with the same ethos and values. To watch this space and find our more visit

Andrew Belfield – Founder of The Ravens

And finally we heard from Andrew Belfield and his vision for the next generation of entrepreneurs and a new kind of community for the city of Manchester. To read more visit