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Together There Is Enough
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Closing the Giving Gap

Common Change is all about group-giving, based on the principle that: together there is enough. Through Common Change groups the gap between giver and receiver is closed because the Common Change way ensures that needs are always discovered, decided-on and delivered by group members.

• We call this high-touch giving.

There are two ways to become part of Common Change:
1) Join an existing group (typically by invitation)
2) Start a new group and invite your friends to join it



Each one of us may know of someone in pressing need of support…

  • Our neighbour may need a month’s rent to avoid eviction
  • A ‘friend of a friend’ may be in hardship due to taking time off work to care for an elderly relative.
  • Someone we know of may need financial support to help with rehousing after escaping a violent relationship.

Alone we may not be able to help because we don’t have the financial resources required to make a difference. We’re left feeling dis-empowered, and inertia sets in. However: together we have enough.

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Common Change is a radically ancient response to these sorts of social problems – in fact its inspiration goes back 2000 years. The early church community described in the New Testament included a commitment to hold resources ‘in common’ in such as way that ‘there was no needy person among them’. (Acts 4:34)

This ancient inspiration is the founding vision of Common Change: to eliminate personal economic isolation and insecurity by helping compassionate and concerned people to pool money with those they know, to share with people in urgent need of financial support.

Common Change is a network of groups made possible by a really clever online giving platform. There are 3 main elements to being in a Common Change group.

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1) Growing a ‘common fund’ with your friends.

  • It’s amazing how quickly common funds can grow when a group of friends are committed to giving regularly into the same pot.

2) Identifying and discussing needs

  • Common change is built on an outward orientation. Groups ‘listen’ for needs around them and discuss opportunities they see to distribute funds.

3) Distributing gifts to those in need

  • When you’re ready to make a gift the process embedded within the Common Change platform makes the process really easy, with a transparent audit trail.

Join a group    Start a group