Common Change really isn’t like other charities – primarily because we don’t ask ‘you’ to give ‘us’ donations.

Instead, we operate a group-based giving model, enabling you and your friends to build up a common fund that you can release gifts from when one of you comes across a need.

We look after lots of common funds for groups all over the country. You need to Join a Group before you start giving; or we can help you recruit some friends and Start a Group.

Once you have signed up to the Online Platform you can start giving as follows:

We advise our UK group members to donate via Standing Order, for two reasons:

1) It puts you in control of your giving, you can easily increase or decrease your regular giving
2) No processing fees are incurred, for yourself or the charity.

If your bank provides you with an online banking service then it should be very easy to set up your Standing Order. The details are provided on this Standing Order.

We will email you with a confirmation when we receive your first payment. You will also see it credited to your group fund by logging into the Online Platform or by using the Mobile App.


If you don’t feel ready to start a group but still like what we’re doing and want to support our efforts to eliminate economic isolation you are welcome to make a donation into our general fund. We encourage you to do this via Wonderful which is free for us and 100% of the donation and gift aid comes to us too.