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Donate to a Public Group

Not all Common Change Groups are public, with many groups opting to keep their work private and as local to their region as possible. Those that are public are listed below:

Beachcomber FX, North Shields
A dispersed community exploring spirituality and working for the common good.

Common Change Birmingham, Birmingham
A collective fund to help those we meet needing a little extra help.

Heavitree MC, Exeter
We are a group of local followers of the way in Heavitree, Exeter. We are planting a missional church incarnated in the community.

Hughes Lifegroup, Stretford, Manchester
We are a Lifegroup of Lifechurch Manchester, looking to bless our local community.

North East Generosity Circle, North Shields
We will be alert to the needs of our local communities around England’s North East and generous with our resources when we encounter people in financial crisis situations where we can make a genuine difference.

Old Trafford Common Change, Manchester
We are a group of friends in Old Trafford, Manchester who look to help those in our community when times are tough.

The OT Hive Community Fund, Old Trafford, Manchester
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Collectively saving to invest into the people and Community as a whole, with a vision of helping build a stronger, better and more connected O.T. Community!

The Saltwater Foundation, London & Leeds
Giving to important individual causes we know of across London, Leeds and further afield.

The Scruffy Vicar’s Fund, Cumbria
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Based in Cumbria the group seeks to eliminate personal economic isolation by pooling money to share with people they care about who are vulnerable or marginalised within Cumbria.

Stretford Life Group, Stretford, Manchester
Giving to important individual causes we know of across London, Leeds and further afield. 

Donate to a Campaign

Groups can raise individual campaigns to help tackle wider, larger or ongoing needs such as community gardens or local refugee aid. Search the listing below for our groups current active campaigns:

Support for Ukraine Campaign
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Helping to house and support over 100 refugees currently sheltering in a youth summer camp in Poland.

The OTCG Campaign
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A community garden in Old Trafford providing a wonderful communal green space for community activities, gatherings and events.  Maintained solely by local volunteers and fundraising.