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The power of Common Change is found in its people, through the collective giving groups they form together.

From all over the UK, people are coming together to form Common Change Groups, challenging economic inequality and putting the power of change into their own hands!

The concept that “Together there is enough” features in many scholarly and religious teachings and it is this practice, of putting human well-being at the centre of our economics, that is the foundation of Common Change.

Common Change Collective Giving is achieved when groups of people pool their resources by making regular deposits to a common fund. Common Change provides the platform that enables people to do this, helping them to ensure their community’s well being and provide support when it’s needed most.

We all know how unpredictable life can be and how any of us can be hit by crisis at any time, perhaps the loss of a job or a sudden illness or accident. It’s in times like these, when we often rely on the kindness of our friends or family to get us through, but not everyone has that good fortune.

Common Change seeks to support people experiencing times of hardship, especially those whose lives are more isolated.
Common Change Groups achieve this by listening out for need in their communities through friendships, community groups and even social media. When they hear of a need, be it a person, a family, or a community project that needs more support, they bring this need to the attention of their group and discuss what their collective fund could do to help.

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Common Change UK
Meet Our Team

Steve Ledgerwood

Common Change UK, Chairman of Trustees


London, United Kingdom


Steve is the Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) at FINDLOGIC, lending his valuable know how of digital marketing, customer intelligence, software solutions and client growth, to a very good use!

Steve believes in putting customers at the heart of an organisation and because the power of Common Change resides in our group members, Steve is a perfect fit.

Steven Ledgerwood, Trustee

Darin Petersen

Common Change Founder

California, United States


First launching Rational Tithe in 2002, what was a social experiment, by just a few people, to disrupt economic injustice grew to become a movement and eventually in 2012 and online app enabling people to collectively pool resources and create positive change within their communities.

Common Change UK came to life in late 2015 with Darin pulling in the valuable expertise of Steven and Matt as local representatives.

Darin Peterson, Founder

Fiona Stiff

Common Change UK, Development Officer

Manchester, United Kingdom


Fiona comes to Common Change from a Media background and brings to Common Change that person connection, supporting and helping our groups to grow, feeling empowered and accomplish their giving goals.

Fiona is our go to person for all things Common Change UK; she’d love to hear from you!

E  Free Phone 0300 102 2273 

Fiona Stiff, Development Officer