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March 2022

New Common Change Campaign – Support for Ukraine

In solidarity and support of the people of Ukraine, Common Change UK has launched the campaign Supporting Ukrainian Refugees in Poland.  Raised by Matt Wilson, Chair of Common Change UK, the campaign is raising funds to support friends in Poland using their youth summer camp, to house, keep warm, feed and clothe Ukrainian refugees fleeing the ongoing violence.

Whilst our focus here at Common Change has been around the needs of our immediate community, events – like those that have unfolded in Ukraine – bring into sharp focus that we are in fact a global community. Common Change Groups should feel free to use their group funds to donate to charities helping with this emergency, to individuals you might know affected or to raise your own campaign for a specific need.

Contact us for more information or support. 

New Pubic Common Change Group – The OT Hive Community Fund

Please welcome our new Group The OT Hive Community Fund.  Based in Old Trafford Manchester,  the group comes together to raise funds that will help meet the needs of their community, be they the needs of an individual, a family or projects that benefit the community as a whole.

Visit their dedicated funding page