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February 2023 – Common Change UK’s Family Just Got Bigger!

Please Join Us in Welcoming Common Change UK Group Development Leader, Andrew Belfield!

Andrew loves partnership and trying to find new solutions to old problems.

Having been self employed for 25 years, Andrew has worked across a range of spheres, navigating between the private and public sector.  Andrew help to create collaborative networks serving individuals in their own context of health, education, business and local government.

Andrew’s nature of valuing every individual with the desire to see them flourish, makes him a great fit for Common Change UK.


Welcome The Ravens! Our Newest Public Facing Group!

Bringing with him also, Andrew Belfield starts his own unique Common Change Group The Ravens. A group challenging the status quo for young entrepreneurs, helping give them the support and start up with funding for enterprises with a social purpose and/or founders who would struggle to access funding via other means due to their circumstances / characteristics.