Supporting Ukrainian refugees in Poland

Matt Wilson, Chair of Common Change UK writes:

We have a close friend who is Polish but has lived in Britain for nearly 20 years. Her parents still live in Poland and this week have been welcoming Ukrainian refugees and providing them with safe accommodation. This has been possible because they run a large campsite that mainly operates for youth groups in the summer season, and so was sat empty.

The resort is called Ostróda Camp and is 150 miles north of Warsaw, which is a similar distance from the Ukrainian border. In the last week they rapidly adapted their cabins (providing better heating and bedding) and have welcomed over 150 refugees, mainly women and children.

Their main need at this time is to keep everyone warm and well-fed, to entertain the children and to provide comfort and a shoulder to cry on for their anxious guests. The costs of food and gas/electricity are substantial and so we want to help with those costs. We are preparing to send an initial donation to them that we hope to be in the region of £2000 – £3000.

Obviously given the urgency of the situation this is a time limited campaign as we want to send money by the end of next week. Please give generously using the form below.

If you would like any further details feel free to drop me a line on:

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