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January 2023 – The Sparks We Made in 2022

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It’s a brand new year and if 2022 is anything to go by, then 2023 will see Common Change Groups continuing to make the difference where ever they find need.

With the formation of four new groups this year, bringing out total number of groups across the U.K. to 11, Common Change is please to reports that we gave a record number of 53 gifts this year totalling £12,491! Please join us in welcoming our new groups who helped make this possible: Common Change Birmingham, The Saltwater Foundation in London, The OT Hive Community Fund in Manchester and the Scruffy Vicar Fund in Cumbria.

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Together, yes we absolutely can!  Here are just some of the needs we helped meet in 2022.

This year we saw the introduction of groups being able to run individual campaigns for larger community needs.  Our first ever campaign “Help Ukrainians in Poland” is still ongoing and has so far gifted over £4000 to a children’s summer camp in Poland who repurposed their facilities to house those fleeing and continuing to flee the conflict in Ukraine. If you wish help our group, North East Generosity Circle, continue to support this cause, please visit their dedicated donation page here.

When the money just isn’t there.

  • When a family’s car could not be repaired making getting to work very problematic two busy parents, we helped them to buy a runaround car!
  • When an artist’s laptop was stolen, that was essential for them to continue their work, Common Change replaced it for them.

When you need to know that someone cares.

  • When a child in foster care needed some valuable time with friends and family, Common Change paid for a birthday party.
  • When a nervous young person was re-entering society, Common Change bought them a supermarket voucher to help them get back on their feet.

When you need support to change your life.

  • When surviver of DV needed that little extra support, Common Change paid for the cost of their moving truck.
  • When two refugee families needed support to start their own business and be self sufficient, Common Change paid for some supplies.

When you can help your community be more.

  • When a local person wanted to open a community cafe and safe haven, Common Change helped towards the some start up costs.
  • When a local community gardens that provides valuable space for events and community gatherings needs year round support, Common Change raised an ongoing campaign for them.