At Common Change we believe together is the best way to do all sorts of things, especially giving.

Here’s a quick summary of what being a member of a group involves:

1. Growing a Common Fund

  • You are joining a specific group of generous people who have each decided to give money regularly into a ‘common fund’.
  • A common fund is essentially a shared pot that your group has built up together over time as each member has made donations.
  • All your group members will have an individual online account through which they can check the balance of their common fund.

2. Identifying and discussing Needs

  •  The common fund is charitable in nature and therefore there are certain rules governing how it can be used. (see  Common Change UK Group Fund Policy)
  • As your common fund grows any group member has the opportunity to request that some or all of the money in the fund be released to meet a particular need.
  • All group members receive details of the request for discussion and voting. The community is fully democratic and nobody gets a bigger say that anyone else.

3. Distributing Gifts

  • As a registered charity Common Change UK handles the banking and administration of all the individual Common Change groups in the UK.
  • Gifts being released all receive final sign-off from a member of the board of trustees to ensure full accountability.
  • A specific member of your Common Change group will take responsibility for confirming that the gift has reached its desired destination.

Are you in?

If all this makes sense to you and you’re ready to become a member there’s two ways to proceed…

Use the button below to hop to our member platform. Register your details to gain access. Go to the ‘My Groups’ tab and hit the ‘Create a new Group’ button. By setting up the group you’ll become its admin, meaning you can generate join links to send to your friends.
Use the button below to hop to member platform. Register your details to gain access. Then use the search bar in the ‘My Groups’ tab to find the group you’re looking for. If you’ve been invited by a friend makes sure they give you their group name.



Belonging to a Common Change group is a revolutionary way that we can contribute to needs in our community – and draw in others to support too.

Shane Claiborne, co-founder of Common Change.