"You have to start with what you have before you know what you need."

John McKnight
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During the dinner, people share things that they enjoy doing that might be a gift to others.

  • I enjoy cleaning and organizing
  • I enjoy helping build things and fix electronics
  • I enjoy painting and teaching others to paint and draw
  • I enjoy helping others with budgeting
  • I enjoy playing the piano for people to sing
  • I enjoy knitting and teaching others how did net
  • I enjoyed baking
  • I enjoy giving hand massages
  • I enjoy the attention to fine detail in creating spreadsheets
  • and 73 more

We Share, We Listen, & We Ask Questions.

Over 50 stories were shared by people who knew someone that might benefit from a gift. These stories are built around genuine relationships, a desire to discover ways that we can be in solidarity with one another, to humbly share the opportunities that we are aware of. This is a conversation that is rooted in stories, asking questions of one another and resisting the tendency to offer solutions no matter how meaningful our intentions may be.

  • Care packages for prisoners who have just been released. Giving them dignity.
  • Sudanese refugees experiencing vulnerability and the systemic injustices faced by asylum seekers.
  • A single parent who recently received toxic anonymous letters about her children – to be a blessing to her and redeem her from abuse.
  • A young couple with 2 kids living under challenging circumstances. Need quality time together for relationship but can’t afford to go away.
  • For 6 weeks of rent for the 65-year-old man about to be evicted because he is unable to get pension/benefits.
  • Twin children facing deportation and experiencing poverty, in need of food, clothes
  • Single mum with kids, broken relationship, trying to get life back on track, a gift would help decorate home.
  • Team away day to reflect and celebrate all the staff’s hard work.
  • To provide a guitar to a refugee friend who has a love for music and no means to play
  • and 43 more stories


Really liked the new concept of getting together over a meal with a new purpose. ‘Enjoyed’ the stories

Simple yet has the potential to be radical.

I really liked how we shared our experiences together and felt like a community

It’s empowering and natural, rather than forced and awkward

Starting with abundance is so inspiring. Ideas that emerged were all doable. Love in the room as we got to know each other better.

I like how it provides a space for the people to voice their passions and recognize the needs we have, with the perfect balance of structure and freedom for the “creative flow.”

Well led. Felt empowering

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We love hearing the phone ring and “you’ve got mail”.