Sharing Life & Sharing Resources:
In the canteen with Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove 

About this month’s event:

Join our hosts Laura Gilchrist and Matt Wilson, for this month’s Common Good Canteen, with special guest Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove.

In 2003, Jonathan and his wife Leah founded the Rutba House, a house of hospitality where the formerly homeless share community with the formerly housed. So, when it comes to the practice of sharing life and sharing resouces he has the wisdom of many years of lived experience to draw on. We will be asking Jonathan to tell us about the journey he’s been on, and what he’s learned about money, possessions and how we can develop a more healthy relationship with them.

Jonathan directs the School for Conversion, a popular education center that works to make “surprising friendships possible.” He is also an Associate Minister at the historically black St. Johns Missionary Baptist Church. He is a prolific writer, co-author of the celebrated Common Prayer: A Liturgy for Ordinary Radicals, and the author of several books on Christian spirituality, including God’s Economy, Reconstructing the Gospel, Strangers at My Door, The Awakening of Hope, The Wisdom of Stability, and The New Monasticism.

As a Christian Jonathan connects across broad spiritual traditions, especially with monastic witness. He is a leader in the Red Letter Christian movement and speaks often about emerging Christianity and faith in public life to churches and conferences across the denominational spectrum.