Power and Privilege
In the canteen with Mike Royal

About this month’s event

Join our hosts Laura Gilchrist and Matt Wilson, for this month’s Common Good Canteen, with special guest Mike Royal.

Mike is the Co-Chief Executive of Cinnamon Network UK which is dedicated to helping churches start social action projects that transform their communities. He is the former National Director of education charity TLG (Transforming Lives for Good). Mike lives in Birmingham with his wife Viviene. He is a Pentecostal Bishop and has been in ordained ministry for over 25 years.

In this month’s lunchtime conversation Mike will help us to identify and respond to challenges that may occur in relation to power and privilege when we set out to ‘do good’. How can we avoid being clumsy, or outright offensive? Can we expect to achieve real justice and equity when our world is so structurally unequal? Mike has a lifetime of experience of dealing with these questions, including the related issue of racial injustice and how it manifests. This one is definitely not to be missed!