Common Good Canteen is a monthly Zoom conversation in which Laura Gilchrist & Matt Wilson welcome a fascinating line up of special guests to discuss the big issues around money and meaning.

The canteen will create space in which members of different Common Change groups, and anyone else with an interest in pursuing the common good, can interact and be inspired. Hand-picked guests will be interviewed about what they’ve seen happening when when generosity and community collide.

We’ve called it a canteen because it will recreate, in virtual space, those special kind of chats that can just bubble up from nowhere in the staff canteen during lunch hour. Think of it a bit like a live podcast in which you can join in the conversation!

It’s live, it’s interactive, and it’s perfectly timed for your lunch hour.

Last Wednesday of every month, 1230-130

January 27th

Guest: Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove

Topic: Sharing Life & Sharing Resources

When it comes to sharing life and sharing resouces Jonathan has the wisdom of many years of lived experience to draw on. We’ll be asking him about the journey he’s been on, what he’s learned about money and possessions, and how to develop a more healthy relationship with them. Read more…

February 24th

Guest: Natalie Williams

Topic: The Deserving and the Undeserving?

Natalie will help us deal with the myths around poverty and the poor. Through her lifed experience and also the books she writes she is perfectly placed to unpick the widespread deserving vs undeserving narrative. We’ll touch on other important themes too, such as the urge to want to be ‘responsible’ in our giving.  Read more…

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