Common Good Canteen is a monthly Zoom conversation in which Laura Gilchrist & Matt Wilson welcome a fascinating line up of special guests to discuss the big issues around money and meaning.

The canteen creates a space in which members of different Common Change groups, and anyone else with an interest in pursuing the common good, can interact and be inspired. Hand-picked guests are interviewed about what they’ve seen happening when when generosity and community collide.

After a successful first season the Canteen is taking a break. A video archive of the conversations is available below.

Meet the hosts…

Matt Wilson lives in Tyneside with his wife and two children. He runs a social impact consultancy business, represents his community as a local councillor and serves as the Chair of Common Change UK. Over the years he has been known for his pioneering work in disadvantaged urban areas with the Eden Network as well his more recent leadership roles with Safe Families for Children and the education charity TLG. Matt holds an MA in Theology and Politics and continues to research, write and speak on issues around the intersection of politics, economics and theology.

You can follow Matt on Twitter: @MWilsonFRSA

Meet the hosts…

Laura Gilchrist lives in Manchester with her husband and two children. She believes that all aspects of wellbeing, including finances, are key to living life to the full. She is a health coach, working 1-2-1 with leaders and creating wellbeing leadership programmes. From 2008-2012, Laura and her husband shared a home, living in community, sharing resources and practicing hospitality together. In normal times, she cooperates with other families to run a monthly ‘open house’ meal for her local community. She has been involved in Common Change locally since it launched in the UK.

You can follow Laura on Twitter: @laurawgilchrist

Catch up on past events…

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April 2021

Guest: Dr Ruth Valerio

Topic: Living More Lightly

Our discussion ranged around questions of how much is enough; how we can discover abundance together in community; what ancient ideas of Virtue might have to offer us; and how we can become more engaged rather than passive in our financial giving. Ruth is a prominent environmentalist, theologian, social activist and part of the senior leadership team at Tearfund. Read more…

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March 2021

Guest: Mike Royal

Topic: Power and Privilege

Mike helped us to hold a really important conversation about power and privilege – issues that are often present but not always recognised. Within the conversation we explored the issue of racial injustice and how it manifests. Mike is Co-Chief Executive of Cinnamon Network and an ordained Pentecostal Bishop. Read more…

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February 2021

Guest: Natalie Williams

Topic: The Deserving and the Undeserving?

Natalie helped us deal with the myths around poverty and the poor. Through her lived experience and also the projects she is involved in she was perfectly placed to unpick the widespread deserving vs undeserving narrative. We also touched on other important themes too, such as the urge to want to be ‘responsible’ in our giving.  Read more…

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January 2021

Guest: Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove

Topic: Sharing Life & Sharing Resources

When it comes to sharing life and sharing resouces Jonathan has the wisdom of many years of lived experience to draw on. We asked him about the journey he’s been on, what he’s learned about money and possessions, and how to develop a more healthy relationship with them. Read more…